How did James Barrett Co. start?

In April of 2010 James was a freshman at Syracuse University taking a printmaking relief studio elective class.  For his final project he wanted to create the Peace Tee - a shirt that had a positive message and also had a bold, graphic design.  He was only planning on making 20 for the project, but after he posted a Facebook event for the project he received over 100+ orders.  These first shirts for his project were printed with a woodblock that James carved.  After the class however, he learned how to silk-screen, created a website, Facebook Page, company and now we're here!  

What's the message behind the different products + brand?

James Barrett Co. contributes to the CHIEF GOOD.  Aristotle defines the CHIEF GOOD as happiness; fulfilling ones own destiny by doing what they love.  The Peace Tee was conceived under the belief that a shirt with a good vibe to it will make people feel good about themselves.  It better than the middle finger, right?  Also, throughout all of the products James wanted his designs to be big and bold, not just a tiny logo on a shirt.  The Hope Tee Collection means fingers crossed; 'we all hope for something.'  This is also a social collection where different colors in the collection link to different causes that it supports.  New products will continue to launch all with the same concept of contributing to the chief good.  

How many products have been sold?

James currently produces all of the products himself, along with hand-stamping his JB woodblock on the back of each piece of apparel.  Since 2010, James Barrett Co. has sold over 6,000 products to customers from over 30 states across the US.  They have been sold through a storefront, trunk shows, events, and website.

How do wholesale orders work?

James has worked with groups and organizations such as Greek Life at Universities in the past for large orders and some with custom designs.  For more information please fill out our Contact form.

Did James Barrett Co. receive any funding to start?

No.  James bootstrapped in the beginning (April 2010), getting orders before he bought any of his initial supplies.  He himself to start put $400 down.  In April 2012, James competed in the Syracuse University Business Plan Competition where out of 30+ teams he placed 3rd overall and also received the Student Entrepreneur of the Year award.  A week after that he received the Syracuse University Whitman Alumni Student Start-Up award.